Cinema Apocalypse

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This post is really a shout-out more than anything: I love the Minneapolis public access show Cinema Apocalypse! The show’s host, Scott Williamson, reviews “foreign, cult, genre and independent films” with a fanman fervor that I find infectious. What’s more, he chooses terrific films from all over the world to discuss in his stream of consciousness rant/reviews.

I first discovered Cinema Apocalypse while I was researching Spanish horror film Who Can Kill a Child? It had been recommended to me by Netflix, and the concept intrigued me enough to seek out a trailer via YouTube. Instead of finding the trailer, I found Williamson’s hearty endorsement of the film about a British couple vacationing on a Spanish island who realize that the children there have killed all of the adults. Here’s the full clip to get a sense of his style:

The show’s other segments (there are usually about four or five per episode) follow pretty much the same pattern: a three minute clip of the film followed by Williamson’s commentary. The clips typically illustrate the film’s style and tone, giving you a good sense of whether or not it will suit your tastes. The films tend to fall into the horror genre but are anything but monolithic. In one episode, Williamson might review a Hong Kong zombie film and an Italian giallo. The films also range from arty to low-budget, and either style is just as likely to fuel Williamson’s enthusiasm or rancor.

Here are some of my favorite of Williamson’s reviews:

Sure, this stuff is pretty typical fanboy–I’d love to see more female fans do this kind of thing!–but I appreciate Williamson’s earnestness and attention to detail. Go check out more clips through the Cinema Apocalypse YouTube page.


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