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The dirth of posts is a product of: 1) Crazy work schedule (11.5 hour days at work kill ones creativity); and 2) Completing graduate school applications (just one more left).

So, until I muster some mor gusto, I have a suggested read for you all courtesy of Kristen, who wrote the piece on Dead Man’s Bones way back in October. She alerted me to a New York Times article about a recent re-release of a Japanese haunted house film from 1977 appropriately called House. It sounds and looks (see picture below) AMAZING, and it will be run theatrically this year before its DVD christening by the Criterion Collection.

An image from House. Taken from

I am crossing my fingers and hoping beyond hope that I can get to Austin or Houston or someplace nearby to see this. Until then, I’ll just ogle the details.


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  1. Alyx Vesey said,

    This image is so good it is now my desktop image at work. Love it.

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