Coming Attractions New York Style

25 March 2010 at 21:25 (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Last week, my husband and I briefly fled Texas for the urban cultural mecca that is New York City. Being a film fan, I knew I just had to see a good movie while in town. We decided on the latest Bong Joon-Ho film Mother, a terrific character study with a plot that curls nicely into itself.

While the movie didn’t quite live up to the hype (one quote described it as Hitchcockian), it proved surprising in its trajectory and gorgeous in its cinematography. I imagine it’s the kind of film that will only improve upon further viewings.

Even more tantalizing for me were the trailers that preceded the film, the first being No One Knows About the Persian Cats, an Iranian film that takes the meaning of an underground art scene literally as it explores the formation of an indie band in defiance of conservative laws against rock music.

Another potentially interesting film: Everyone Else. The trailer below pales in comparison to the one screened at the IFC, but I want to see this nonetheless:

The promo I saw compared the film to Knife in the Water, and I can definitely see the parallels given this movie’s interest in exploring the insecurities of a young couple, which always seem especially exposed during a vacation.

The most exciting of the trailers, however, would definitely have to be Bluebeard, writer/director Catherine Breillat‘s take on a French fairytale of the same name. Breillat’s films are always lush in look and with provocative plots. This film seems especially indulgent (in the best way possible) in visual excess:

Coincidentally, my friend and fellow blogger Kristen pointed me in the direction of a New York Times piece about Breillat’s interpretation. I am now wishing that I’d delayed my return to catch the premier.

Then again, the rich films on display at my one sitting demonstrate that I’d probably never return to Texas if tried to stick around to catch everything I’d like to see in New York. It’s definitely the place to see a good arty movie.


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