For all intents and purposes, you might call this a “horror film blog,” since the films I tend to review and analyze often belong to that genre; however, I define “horror” rather broadly, as you will see in my blog entries, which include foreign films, thrillers, and will eventually incorporate indie fare. In discussing these films, I plan to draw upon queer, feminist, psychoanalytic, and postmodern theories, using formal, character, and plot/narrative analysis to support my readings.

Not only do I analyze film, but also its promotion: posters, trailers, stills, etc., all come under scrutiny here. I also take note of other media–television, music, visual art, performance art–from time to time. Anything that grabs my attention that I might spin as “horrific” might find its way to this blog.

Lastly, I use this blog to reflect upon my own horror fandom and my responses to certain texts. In such instances, I consider the paradoxical pleasure that arises out of watching horror films both emotionally and politically. I also explore the roll of memory in reception.

If you would like to know more about me and my motivations for creating Dark Room, please read my inaugural blog entry for more details. Thanks for checking this out, and please let me know what you think.

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