Undermining Auteurism

This series explores the contributions of film artists who occupy important roles other than director in order to question the common assumption that directors can be attributed authorship. I suggest that certain set designers, composers, actors, and other filmmakers have shaped the horror genre in significant ways be drawing comparisons between the artist at issue and contemporary beneficiaries of those contributions. Occassionally, I will take a look at more contemporary figures as well. So far, the series has examined the following filmmakers:

#1 – Bernard Herrmann (Film Composer – Psycho, Taxi Driver, Sisters)
#2 – Hermann Warm (Art Director – The Student of Prague, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Vampyr)
#3 – Crispin Glover (Actor, Writer, Director)
#4 – Fans of The Shining in Room 237

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  1. Psycho and the Symphony « Dark Room said,

    […] in the year, I wrote a piece for my “Undermining Auteurism” series about the famed film composer, Bernard Herrmann. In that entry, I argued that Hermann’s […]

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