Oscar Nominees Round-Up

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With the Oscars coming up on Sunday, I thought it might be advantageous for readers to have a list of previous blog entries by myself and friends that discuss nominated films and actors. Below is a list of entries with Oscar 2010 ties:

District 9
District 9 in South Africa
Unanswered Questions in District 9
The Antagonist as Corporation – Part 2
An Education
The Young Ladies of Toronto
Analyzing Your Girlcrush

Inglorious Basterds
Inglorious Basterds: The Review
A Serious Man
A Serious Man: Sound and the Coen Bros.
The Lovely Bones
Peter Jackson’s Girls:The Lovely Bones and Heavenly Creatures
Previews: “Nine”
my thoughts on “precious”

I’d love to see some awards go to The Hurt Locker (especially Kathryn Bigelow) and Inglorious Basterds, two films that are nothing if not audacious. I’m also pulling for the Academy to give some love to Jeff Bridges for his turn in Crazy Heart. Maybe this year, the little guys will put up a good fight against this year’s giant, Avatar.


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